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ATMOS ftp Data Access

Different ATMOS products, associated with "levels", are available through anonymous ftp to or through links on this page. The basic or raw instrument data are interferograms (level 0), which are Fourier transformed to power spectra (level 1), from which are derived vertical concentration profiles of some thirty different atmospheric gases (level 2).

An example interferogram and resulting spectrum are available, for comparison with the ATMOS data processing software:

ATMOS Example Interferogram

An average of all the sun-only power spectra obtained during the first shuttle deployment of the ATMOS instrument were published in paper-form in NASA Reference Publication 1224, Farmer and Norton, 1989:

ATMOS Spacelab 3 Mission Solar Spectra

Averages of all the sun-only power spectra obtained during the fourth shuttle deployment of the ATMOS instrument: |

ATMOS ATLAS-3 Mission Solar Spectra

Complete sets of atmospheric transmission spectra obtained within single sunset or sunrises (occultations). Representative sets are provided for each ATMOS optical bandpass filter:

ATMOS Level 1 Data

Complete sets of derived atmospheric constsituent profiles from all four shuttle missions, on a mission-by-mission basis:

ATMOS Level 2 Data

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